Brand Ambassador Agreement

This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of your relationship with Oh Doggou as a Brand Ambassador. By submitting the brand ambassador form, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below:

Ambassador Participation

What you will receive as an #OhDoggouCrew:

  • A welcome pack with everything you need to get started
  • A one-time welcome discount
  • A personal discount code for own use
  • A referral discount code to share with friends, family and followers
  • Content resources and tips


Ambassador will promote and market Oh Doggou products to customers, following the below guidelines:

  • Share Oh Doggou products at least one (1) time weekly on active social platforms such as TikTok, Lemon8, Instagram post or Instagram stories and tag us (@OhDoggou). Always include your referral discount codes.
  • Receive Oh Doggou products and provide high-quality photo or video content for promotional, social, or catalog use.
  • Share on-brand content by tagging @Ohdoggou and using our brand hashtags: #OhDoggou, #OhDoggouCrew
  • Share to your Instagram stories anytime Oh Doggou has any shop updates, including new product releases, a sale, giveaways, brand rep searches, etc.
  • Actively engage in our Instagram posts by liking, commenting, and saving the posts.


Personal Discount Code

Ambassador will receive a 20% off personal discount code solely for Ambassador’s purchases. Personal discount code is eligible once per purchase per month.

A unique personalised discount code assigned for all ambassadors shall not be combined with any promotional codes to be used via 

Friends Discount/Referral Code

Ambassador will receive a 10% off discount/referral code for friends, family and followers. This discount code can be reused multiple times. Oh Doggou encourages all Ambassadors to share these affiliated discount codes via any social media sites to any of your followers.


As an Ambassador, you earn a standard commission of SGD5 for every three (3) successful sales that you directly drive through your marketing efforts.

To receive credit for a purchase, the customer must have used your unique discount code during checkout at You cannot receive commission on your own orders. Any Ambassador found to commit commission fraud will be immediately removed from the Ambassador Program.

Store credit will be issued at the end of the month for the previous month. For example, commissions earned in November will be paid out at the end of December. The store credits is only
 valid on your total purchase and cannot be used towards shipping & handling costs.

Ambassadors will not receive any cash value for any unused store credits.


Oh Doggou may share information with you that is confidential in nature, such information will be identified as confidential and you are expected to maintain this information in the strictest confidence.

Intellectual Property

The Brand Ambassador agrees and accepts to give Oh Doggou unlimited and unrestricted use of any and all creations & work of all social media posts; images; recordings; taglines; hashtags; posts; comments; designs the Ambassador creates to promote Oh Doggou and their products. The Brand Ambassador gives Oh Doggou unlimited & unrestricted use of any and all creations & work.  

With no additional compensation, authorisations or notifications and without any limits, Oh Doggou has full use of the Ambassador's social media account name, name, photographs, and voice to use in all Oh Doggou’s publishing’s and advertisements on current platforms ( and Instagram @OhDoggou) or elsewhere now and in the future; indefinitely, except where prohibited by law and regulation.

Ambassador is not authorised to use any copyrighted content from any other companies to promote Oh Doggou's brand. Any disagreements that transpire involving the use of another company’s IP, Oh Doggou will not be held liable. 

Term and Termination

The effective date of this agreement is 1 March 2023. The term of this agreement is three (3) months from the effective date. This agreement will automatically renew at the end of each term for another three (3) months unless either party ends this agreement in writing.

Should any party decide to terminate this Agreement prior to the date of maturity, the party shall notify the other at least thirty (30) days prior to the termination date.

If any special discount or free products was provided to you by Oh Doggou and a tagged Instagram post is not made within 30 days of receiving Oh Doggou's items, you will be considered inactive and your codes will be deactivated. 

Oh Doggou reserves the right to remove any Ambassador from its program.


This agreement is subject to acceptance by the company and is conditioned by the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Either party may terminate this agreement immediately for cause or without reason upon written notice.

Oh Doggou may discontinue the Brand Ambassador Program at any time.

Oh Doggou will be not be held liable for any injury or damage transpiring from the use or advertising of any Oh Doggou products.